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What Is The Future Of Digital Marketing?

The question is What is the future of Digital Marketing? The global number of internet users peaked at a little over 2 billion in 2010. By January 2022, the number increased to 4.95 billion people around the world using the internet, accounting for 62.5 per cent of the global population. A future without digital connectivity is simply inconceivable at this rate. We live in a modern information society, and the digital marketers enabling worldwide access are at its heart.

Digital marketing bought in a shift from traditional marketing and transformed into a large has seen several trends unfold within these years. These trends were suggested by industry experts or derived from people’s online behaviour. In this blog, we will discuss the trends emerging in the future of the digital marketing spectrum. Let’s get started.


Advanced Video Marketing and Dynamic Content Optimisation

Expect more dynamic content optimisation and enhanced video marketing in B2C marketing. DCO stands for dynamic content optimisation, a content strategy that focuses on providing the correct message at the right moment to increase the chances of a sale. DCO uses AI and machine learning to keep track of a customer’s demographics, purchasing history, and location. This technique improves the customer experience by ensuring that clients receive the most relevant message at the right time during their customer journey.


Privacy Protection and Customer Experience

Privacy and customer experience are becoming increasingly important.

Following Google’s statement that it will no longer support third-party cookies, there has been increased attention to privacy and its impact on the consumer experience. Cookies, as previously said, track consumer activity and can be sold to advertisers to offer information about users’ browsing patterns. Google will no longer sell web advertising based on surfing behaviour, and its Chrome browser will no longer accept cookies that collect this information.

This change toward privacy protection, which ranges from phasing out cookies to other privacy-focused measures, reflects a tendency toward valuing privacy over the end-user experience. They want companies to take notice of their issues. Consumers believe firms are more responsible than ever before for ensuring their safety.


The Emergence of Programmatic Advertising

Future of digital marketing

Marketers can use programmatic advertising and marketing to automatically buy and optimise digital campaigns in real-time auctions as they load a web page.

From display and mobile to social and video, programmatic advertising has made its way into every marketing channel. Even streaming shows can use programmatic advertising, providing a more cost-effective alternative to traditional cable marketing promotions. With AI and machine learning power, programmatic marketing campaigns make it much easier for smaller businesses to compete with larger businesses.


Integration of AR & VR

Future of digital marketing
Future of digital marketing

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technique for projecting visuals into a user’s field of view that is commonly utilised in mobile apps on smartphones and tablets. Try on, powered by Lens, is used by beauty firms including Lancôme, Urban Decay, and NYX Cosmetics to allow customers to test makeup hues virtually. IKEA, for example, uses augmented reality to place couches, lamps, and bookcases directly into a user’s home. To increase brand identification and trust, marketers can use this technology to encourage consumers to become more familiar with their products and test them risk-free at home.

Virtual Reality: Unlike augmented reality, which uses a user’s camera in conjunction with an app, virtual reality entirely covers and replaces a user’s vision. Even amid a worldwide pandemic, virtual reality helps marketers create immersive experiences for consumers. Marriott International used virtual reality (VR) headsets to present a 360-degree, three-dimensional image of custom-designed hotel layouts. TOMS shoes launched the “a walk in their shoes” campaign to emphasise how consumer purchases support impoverished children.

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