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tips for analysing website traffic for SEO growth

3 quick tips for analysing your website traffic for SEO growth

While characterizing SEO, it can be appropriately stated as a blend of marketing, technical expertise, and psychology. Here are 3 quick tips for analysing your website traffic for SEO growth

From a marketing standpoint, you need to have a thorough knowledge of your product, the issues it addresses, and the most effective ways to reach your target market. You must be able to build a foundation for your website from a technological standpoint that enhances search performance.

Looking at it psychologically, that is where SEO may help. Your SEO efforts will pay off if you can figure out how to pinpoint your ideal website visitor and who they are and what drives them. The traffic statistics and the ROI will be available to support your efforts.

SEO is much more than simply statistics. Additionally, it’s important to comprehend your audience to tailor your SEO strategy accordingly. The correct audience is the focus of SEO, which enhances focused traffic and boosts conversion rates. You can investigate and analyze your audience using a number of different techniques for SEO.

The following list shows how each method incorporates tools to make things simpler along the way.

Tips for analysing website traffic for SEO growth –

1. Keyword Research

One of the fundamental jobs of SEO is keyword research. You probably already know that keywords must be precise and pertinent to your goods or services. Once you have a comprehensive list of keywords, choose the top five that best describe your brand and research the target markets for those words and phrases. 

Google Trends will give you demographic data specific to the area and display the keyword’s historical trends. During the epidemic, Google Trends was extremely helpful when people’s internet activities rapidly changed.

2. Analyse Competitors

You can examine other brands and competitors in addition to your website to learn more about your target audience.

In general, you want to gather as many insights as you can. Therefore you would be looking for demographic and psychographic information. You can use the following tools for this kind of analysis.

  1. SEMRush
  2. Ahrefs
  3. Uber Suggest

3. Identify Visitors’ Demography 

With this approach, the target would essentially be painted all around the arrow. However, it is crucial to comprehend who is visiting your website so that you may decide if that is the intended target.

Google Analytics is one of the simplest sources of this data. You may view various audience details, such as age, gender, geography, and hobbies, within the Audience area. 

You can use this information to recommend content subjects, target geographic areas, and gain insight into the audience. On the other hand, you can review this data and find that it does not correspond with your company’s target markets.

In that situation, you need to check your keywords and content hard to ensure there is no mismatch. 

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