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How to Sell Products On Instagram

How To Sell Products On Instagram Effectively

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the entire world, with over 1 Billion active users. It’s an extremely popular platform in India and US, with 201 million and 157 million users. Here is a guide on how to sell products on Instagram effectively. Small scale businesses and even bigger brands are going for Instagram to promote themselves. With the added advantage of targeting many of your customers via the in-app shopping feature, it only makes for a value and cost-effective choice for marketers to sell their products.  

Do you also want to benefit from Instagram and sell your products? This post might help you do that. We have curated a list of ways that can push in sales for you on Instagram. Check them out.

Tag your products on the post

Tagging your products will give customers access to the exact product they like and buy them without wasting time and effort. This is a very convenient option from Instagram, and businesses should use this to its full potential to sell their products.

Use creative pictures and background

Creativity attracts people. As a photo-sharing platform, Instagram primarily harbours users who prefer more aesthetically pleasing and creative content. So, while posting your regular posts, try creating aesthetically pleasing images with pleasant colours, fonts and backgrounds. You can also create creative content with intriguing copies, visuals and memes to attract customers. 

Show production process or BTS of product concepts

A little background to your offering like production process, product conceptualising, designers and developers can bring in a more credible look. Try putting up content that showcases the background of your offerings in terms of stories, videos, reels or posts. It will surely be beneficial in creating an authentic image. 

Influencer Marketing

We have all, in some way or other, been exposed to celebrity advertising. Influencer marketing is no different. With influencer marketing, brands barter with influencers. In exchange for monetary transactions or product gifts, they ask them to promote their brand in front of their followers. It has proven to be very effective for many brands across various sectors. In 2022, the business is expected to grow to a whopping $16.4 billion. But you need to make sure you select the right influencer with a following related to your brand for an effective hike in sales.

Reels can do wonders

When Instagram Reels launched in India in 2020, fresh monthly installs of the app climbed from seven million to over eight million users (and their time on the app increased by 3.4 per cent). Reels and videos interest a lot of people and are proven to be more effective when driving engagements. You can try to showcase your products by showing their practical utilities, DIY videos, informational videos, and so on can connect with potential prospects and drive sales.

Appreciate every customer

Customer appreciation will make them appreciate you. It will create a good image of your brand and lead to long-term benefits. Try to acknowledge people buying products or share experiences with your brand. You can feature them in your stories, leave a comment under their posts or inbox them a thank you message. This will make customers feel special and will value a brand. This can also lead to customer loyalty. Remember what Chip Bell said, “Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you.”  

Resolve queries 

While you are buying a product, you might be curious if it is available in different sizes or colours; if they ship to a certain location, they will get a refund. Brands need to answer these questions to acquire customers. You need to cautiously provide information to them, solve their problems and offer additional help. 

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms and has a better reach than most other marketing channels. Businesses need to use its beneficial features effectively to make the most out of it. Taking all these aforementioned points, you can drive sales and grow yourself to be top of the game.

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