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What is marketing automation

What Is Marketing Automation & How It Can Benefit Your Marketing Efforts

It’s pretty evident that any company would like to achieve more prospects in a quick amount of time with minimal cost involved. But, the challenge lies in aligning their workforce, resource and process to achieve these goals. Market automation helps align these processes and save you time and costs. There are many other nuances to marketing automation that we will unfold later. But first, let us understand what market automation is.


What is Marketing automations?

Marketing automation uses software to automate predetermined marketing activities like Email marketing, Social media posting, and Ad campaigns to engage customers, bring in new prospects, create a loyal customer base, and more without spending much time and costs. Marketing automation can be used to give a personalized experience to customers that can lead to long-term benefits.

According to  Forrester’s  Marketing Automation Technology Forecast, Market automation is one of the fastest-growing technologies from 2017 to 2023. Over the next five years, it is expected to have a 14% annual growth (CAGR).


How can you benefit from it?

  • Marketing automations helps bring quality leads by providing crucial statistical data. Marketing automation helps you better understand your prospects and buyers. You can personalise each buyer’s journey from the first touch to the sale and beyond with marketing data and analytics, lead nurturing, and lead scoring capabilities.
    Begin by focusing on the client’s journey rather than your company’s requirements. Identify possible touchpoints for marketing automation and create processes to help customers move from one touchpoint to the next.
  • Marketing automations saves time and labour. It helps streamline operations that keep your customers at the center of everything, bringing your entire company together. Create processes that span several functional teams to reduce customer effort at every stage of the experience. Because everything is automatically kept in your central data storage with successful marketing automation, there’s no need for complicated hand-off procedures. Internal workflows can help you priorities jobs as needed.
  • Marketing automations can be used to provide customer service. Customer lifecycle management. With email automation, you can handle the complicated and laborious process of sending customer billings and feedback forms without hiring someone to do those tasks manually.
  • It offers analytics that store all of the information regarding the customer’s behaviors. You can use them to figure out what your customers like and don’t like. Each of your prospects’ actions is a new data point for your marketing plan, giving you exactly what your customers want right now.
    The information is beneficial when it comes to creating efficient retargeting campaigns. This information is handy, but manually tracking these behaviors is impossible. On the other hand, businesses can use these inputs across many channels with marketing automation software to better understand their customers’ needs and deliver the correct content at the right time.


ROI From Marketing Automation

The ROI derived from marketing automation is quite surprising. It helps companies save costs and time, reduce marketing efforts and resources and earn revenue efficiently.  

  • Reduces marketing costs
    Marketing automation helps companies save  3.4% on average marketing costs, with most companies saving between 1.5% and 5.2%.
  • Saves overall money and time
    When marketing automations are implemented correctly, nurturing can result in 50% more sales with a 33% lower cost per lead.
  • Faster revenue
    Companies implementing this kind of lead scoring enjoy 28% better sales productivity and 33% higher revenue growth than those without lead scoring.
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