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Top 3 Essential Digital Marketing Tools for your Business to Grow Online – 2022 Edition

If you’re struggling in your digital business, the chances are high that you’re trying to find ways to induce your leg up on the competition. You’ll need a decent digital marketing strategy and access to the most effective digital marketing tools to accomplish this. In this post, we are going to talk about the top 3 essential digital marketing tools you would need when starting a business.

From simplifying your social media marketing efforts to project management, each of these tools will assist you in getting the competitive edge, you’re looking for.


1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the effective tools that need to be integrated from the very start. In fact, this is one of the foremost powerful digital marketing tools out there.

It only takes a few minutes to integrate the Analytics code into your website, giving you the advantage of tracing every action by every visitor. Many consider this to be nothing more than a traffic tool, but it can even have an enormous impact on your marketing strategy if you get to know what you’re doing.

Maybe you realise that a specific social media campaign is driving plenty of traffic to your website. With this data, you’ll be able to adjust your future strategy in an effort to capture identical results. Furthermore, you may discover that a specific set of keywords is doing wonders for your organic traffic; again, you’ll turn your attention to those keywords, ensuring that you simply keep these in mind as you create content down the road.

Google Analytics isn’t one of those digital marketing tools that you can ignore. Installing this early could be a critical decision with respect to your digital marketing strategy.


2. Google Search Console

Essential digital marketing tools for business
Essential digital marketing tools for business

Google Search Console is a free tool that helps businesses measure their site’s traffic, see keyword performance, fix issues, and receive messages from Google about their website. It provides insight into how the site is doing in organic search.

You can’t use Google Search Console to make changes to your site directly, but you’ll use it to submit pages to the Google index, verify that your site’s URLs are healthy, and see for errors across your domain property.

Especially for SEO, Search Console may be a good tool for adjusting strategy. The info you can get from Search Console can help businesses discover new ranking opportunities, boost existing performance, and find out how exactly people are coming to their website. This suggests it’s a crucial tool for any business that relies on its website for user experience or to get leads through organic traffic.


3. Hubspot CRM

Essential digital marketing tools for business
Essential digital marketing tools for business

HubSpot has several tools to assist you in growing your business, regardless of your stage.

To start, there are several tools available at no cost. You’ll be able to set up web forms, popup forms, and live chat software for lead capture. Then, you’ll be able to send email marketing campaigns, pipe all your data into the free CRM, and analyse site visitors’ behavior.

HubSpot is an all-in-one solution, from managing your content and social media to tracking emails and connecting with your leads. Although it works well with other point solutions, you will use (Typeform, HotJar, etc.).

Ultimately, the tool allows you to:

  1. You can Grow your traffic, convert your leads, and use it for your inbound marketing campaigns.
  2. HubSpot CRM Shorten deal cycles and increase close rates with the provided sales tools.

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