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8 Things That’ll Increase Leads From Websites By 300%

You have a website. It looks great. Better than your competitors. You have done SEO. Everything is in its place and still your website is not generating enough leads. Have you wondered why? Have you ever thought how you can increase leads from websites? Here is your answer.

While a lot of people think that generating more traffic would solve this problem. That’s not completely true! We have found that without spending dollars or bringing in more traffic alone wont solve this problem.

Before that, let’s get the numbers clear. There are two main components in internet marketing – traffic and conversions. If you are getting traffic of 100/month, you should atleast be generating 3-5 leads (considering worst case scenario of 3-5% conversion rate).

If this is not happening, there is something really wrong about your website and investing time or money in bringing more traffic is useless.

Here are some tweaks that helped us in increasing leads from websites by 300% for our clients: 


1. Tweak your communication

You get only a few seconds to get attention when someone visits your website and people consume your content only if they can engage and relate with your content. So it’s very important that proper communication is made in that fraction of time.

Use images and creatives wherever you can. They’ll do the talking in a better way and keep users engaged.


2. Use call-to-actions

Using a call-to-action button drives a lot of click through. Having proper call-to-action sections in between sections helps your visitor to take an action and engage with your website.

Call-to-actions should take them to an appropriate landing page where they can opt to fill in a info capture form.


3. Your website needs to tell a story

People like stories and your website needs to be a story teller. A proper story can sell hard-to-sell things like a piece of cake. Place your sections in such a way that your users remember it like a story.

If you are having a small business you can place the sections in this order “mission >> services >> testimonials >> quality assurance >> about company >> contact information/form”.


4. Offer live chat on website

Here is a bitter truth about your users. They are never satisfied until they talk to you and clarify their queries and doubts. So make yourself available when they want to talk to you. Have a chat widget where they can get in touch with you instantly, when they want answers.

There are a lot of live chat plugins for free like livechat,, purechat, zopim chat, etc. You can install them and get started in no time.


5. Include testimonials and success stories

Using real testimonial and success stories build credibility for your brand. People like to know what others think about you before they consider your products or services for themselves. Get your customers to rate and write a line about your service and showcase it on your website.

Place testimonials right below the services section or the pricing section. It works like a charm.


6. Include Contact Number

Putting up contact number, especially if you are selling a digital product seems odd, but doing so will increase trust in you. Also, let’s not lose those lazy browsers who want to just call and not spend time filling a form.

Placing phone numbers on top of the website or the footer gets a lot of eye balls. Make them clickable, so that it makes it easier for them to reach out to you, especially when they are using mobile devices.


7. Use explainer videos that speaks for you

It’s a proven fact that 400% more communication can be done by videos compared to your readable content. If you can afford a professional videographer, get it shot or do it yourself.

Bottomline, you can get a lot of traction and communicate better by adding explainer videos on website.


8. Test, Test and Test

Always keep a track of your efforts and keep on improving wherever you can. Split test between all the elements your website one after other. See what works and what doesn’t and make things better based on what you learn.

Now that we have flushed out these tweaks, you should be able to generate good number of conversions from your traffic. We have achieved 18% more conversions by implementing these simple tweaks without spending any extra dollar.

Let us know if this worked for you..

Happy tweaking!