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Accelerate Online Sales Using Digital marketing

How To Accelerate Online Sales Using Digital Marketing?

There’s no doubt that digital marketing is the future of all realms of marketing. With growing internet users globally, targeting them digitally and deriving sales makes the most logical way for any business. But the question lies, how do you target those customers and derive sales? Is it really that simple? How to Accelerate Online Sales Using Digital marketing

In this post, we will answer all these questions and discuss the various methods of doing effective digital marketing to accelerate sales.

Learn how to accelerate online sales using digital marketing.

1. Be honest with your products and services

Honesty is something a lot of customers appreciate when it comes to selecting a product, service or idea. Try using copies and descriptions about your offering to the point, clear and honest. This enables a sense of trust among your potential customers with your brand.


2. Use CTAs wherever necessary

It is always important to put up a CTA wherever you can. This doesn’t mean putting unnecessary CTAs at every part of the content; rather, a  smart choice of placement that can trigger the reader/visitor to make a purchase. You can put them effectively after adding a status text on social media and ask them to go visit your website or click the product link to buy it. Similarly, you need to strategically include CTAs in your websites, mobile apps, and mailers for customers to take action.


3. Use High-quality Images

People online like to assess a product based on the visuals provided as there’s nothing physical experience here. So, there must be high-quality images of your product, services or idea. Try including well-lit images of your product or services from various angles. This will give them assurance to go ahead and make a purchase.


4. Be creative with your content

When you provide a customer with a provider or service, you can be creative in your presentation. Our eyes and mind react more to intriguing and beautiful things. It is a good way to make a brand name and reputation while encouraging them to make a purchase.


5. Show-off customer reviews and testimonials

As an ideal online shopper, one would like to check out evidence of the previous purchaser of a product or service before making a purchase. They would like to know if they had a positive or negative experience with the offering. You need to ensure that you have a dedicated part in your website or apps for reviews and testimonials that leaves a positive imprint on the potential customer’s mind.


6. Psychological Pricing

Psychological pricing is the strategic approach to price products and services such that they appear more economical. This kind of pricing can be seen a lot online because they create more value for money perception among customers. Psychological pricing contains prices ending with 9s like ₹999, ₹699, ₹1990 and such.


7. Provide Discounts or give away free stuff

Who doesn’t like free stuff and discounts? It is a great way to acquire new customers. Try giving seasonal discounts or freebies with their first purchases. Giving things out for free is a terrific approach to improve people’s perceptions of your company and introduce them to your must-have items and persuade them to buy more.


8. Urgency Creation

It’s a proven trick in marketing that creating urgency can lead to massive sales. Seeing this kind of ad or promotional content invokes a rush in the brain or, in modern terms, is called ‘FOMO”. It is a great tactic to pull in sales quickly.


9. Choice of payments

Provide a lot of varied options for customers to choose from while paying for your offering. Often times when customers don’t find their convenient mode of payment, they discard their buy and instead look for alternative brands. You should definitely include credit and debit card pay along with UPI and Mobile Wallets ways to pay.


10. Clutter-free checkout process

BusinessInsider reports that last year alone, $4 TRILLION worth of online products were left in abandoned shopping carts. Remove any extraneous steps from your checkout process that can hinder a potential customer from converting. Filling out forms with extraneous fields is a waste of time. Don’t let them run out of time and force them to start over.

There are multiple other ways to grow sales online as well. You shall discuss that sometime in the future. But, till then, you can follow these points and upgrade to a smarter and more effective way to pull in sales.

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