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digital marketing for startups

Digital Marketing For Startups That’ll Bring In Business

People who talk about digital marketing on web write big budgets, complicated campaigns, creative ads,qualitative content and so on, which works well for an established company who can invest or have the in-house do the work for them. Learn digital marketing for startups here.

From the day one, based on our interaction with startups and experience working with them, we have understood that they usually look for immediate results with less investment or no investment at all.

And yes, I’m talking about startups that are not funded, who don’t have digital marketing teams, who are just looking to sell their service – but are not able to get customers to notice their kick-ass product.

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So, here are three things that can be done by any company to get their digital marketing started. Although I should warn you – This is not just about putting time; it’s also about putting quality, passion and expertise in what you do.


1. Social Media Marketing

If you don’t have a page yet, you should create a company page on Facebook, a handler for Twitter account and an Instagram account. Now, start posting content related to what you do and stuff that can engage people.

The trick is to use right things, at right places and at right times. For example, putting up an offer for fashion apparels during Christmas and sharing it across social media will fetch you impressions on your website.

Keep your posts regular and spend time on social media to see where your target audience engage the most, keep interacting with your customers, post something that your readers would love to see, focus more on what they want than selling.

And do all these regularly. Never give up or miss an opportunity.


2. Content Marketing

If you don’t know yet, content marketing was called as the king of all digital marketing channels. Content plays an important role in communication between you and your customer. Content Marketing doesn’t just include writing and sharing in social media. It also means writing blog posts, sharing infographics, making short explanatory videos, participating in discussions on Q&A portals, putting up informative presentations on slideshare, guest authoring on other websites, etc.

We all know it’s easy to start content marketing, but keeping up in the race is really difficult. Generating fresh content becomes too hectic if you don’t have enough resources.

In order to make this happen, you need to have a clear content strategy that defines the categories, frequencies and quality of the content that needs to be generated for your business.


3. Email Marketing

There are a lot of people who think email marketing would be waste of time and money as nobody responds to emails nowadays. But, email marketing is been the second most effective digital marketing channel in terms of conversions from a long time. Moreover, not building an email list would be a crime in digital marketing. Emails are the most pocket friendly and efficient way of communicating your message to the world.

You can get started with building your newsletter list through email capture forms on website and landing pages. Once you have a database, you can send newsletters, promotions and company updates to people.

If you still haven’t been doing these things on a regular basis, you need to get started.

Digital Marketing is no rocket science, you can start with small things and when you are ready for kick-ass marketing; you can hire an agency or have an in-house team.

Happy marketing!

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