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Benefits & Challenges Of Building Website On WordPress

Benefits & Challenges Of Building Your Company Website On WordPress

Are you considering going for WordPress to build your Company’s website? Or You are in a dilemma thinking, is it worth considering? Well, you have come to the right place. We will unravel multiple facets of using WordPress, both benefits and limitations for you. But first, let us take a look into what exactly is WordPress and benefits & challenges of building website on wordPress

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows businesses to showcase their products and services, share information, improve their search engine rankings, and sell those products, services or ideas to potential customers. It provides a platform for you to post written content, offer products and services online, and share images and videos of your work.

A content management system allows you to create web pages and publish blogs and articles. Still, it also makes it so simple that you won’t need to engage a professional webmaster whenever you want to make a slight adjustment. Here are the benefits & challenges of building website on WordPress

It’s Benefits

  • WordPress is freeThe most significant advantage of WordPress is that it is free. You can download the software from their site and start working with it immediately. However, the WordPress site must be hosted someplace. There are two possible ways to do so. The first one is self-hosted, where you host the website on your own, and; Managed hosting, where you pay someone else to host your website and take care of much of the maintenance and security for you.
  • Options for choosing different themesWordPress lets you choose from several fancy web page themes. These themes come with specific colours, font style, size and layout to make your website appealing. Guess what? You don’t have to dive into coding for these customisations. Additionally, they offer premium users to choose from themes capable of more customisation and SEO optimised for you to rank better.
  • A faster and simpler way to add content

    People find it quite strenuous to add content in web design and development because of the process that precedes it. They believe that a single web page requires a lot of coding and design labour and that adding the actual content is a minor matter to deal with later.However, the majority of the design work has already been completed. That’s why you use WordPress in the first place: it allows you to write a blog post or a page with a single mouse click.The reason behind using themes: The preinstalled designs in the themes section make the work easy for you to apply picture-perfect techniques and UI choices per your need.
  • Multifunctional Plugins for your website
    There are 58,570 plugins on which can make your WordPress site do anything.You can offer items and services, develop an online community, dedicate a section of your website to members and subscribers, accept payments, display tweets from various Twitter feeds, and even show the standings of multiple sports leagues worldwide.




  • Page Speed IssuesThe slow page load time can be an issue working on WordPress sites. This can happen for various reasons, including too many plugins and generic code that doesn’t contribute to the website’s general functioning. The longer it takes your computer (and the computers of your users) to process information, the more plugins and custom themes you have.
  • Annoying Error MessagesGeneral syntax mistakes, RSS feed failures, and the famed “white screen of death” – where you see only a white screen with no message – which can create more confusion than the error message itself – are among the most common WordPress errors.
  • Needs CustomisationAs previously mentioned, WordPress allows for a large lot of customisation, but this is primarily due to the fact that the fundamental product is relatively basic.Because the basic programme lacks many desired capabilities (like SEO, social media, and in-depth analytics), most people will need to acquire additional plugins to get their site to work the way they want it to. The plugins can be quite costly depending upon the fewer services they provide.

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