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8 Digital Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Business in 2017

It’s 2017 and it’s time to say bye to all your digital marketing ideas and strategies from 2016 which we loved doing repeatedly.

So here is the list of some digital marketing ideas we think will work in 2017:


1. Build credibility on social media before you sell

If you are launching your product or starting your company, it’s important that you build credibility and followers on social media before you sell them. Find where your target audience spend their time and then list out where all you want to be active.

For example, if your target audience is spending more time on Facebook than twitter or LinkedIn, you start putting time in building a reputation on Facebook. Monitor where they interact – groups, pages, events, etc. and participate there regularly to make your brand familiar.

The best way of making others believe in your product is by providing a solution to their problems and challenges. Try to solve problems and build credibility before you sell your products.


2. Build quality backlinks at relevant platforms

We are all evolving and so is the Google. Putting links in random places won’t help you with quality backlinks. So, spend time building a quality backlink rather than buying backlinks online.

Relevancy is the key here. Find and shortlist the websites where you can get the most credibility for your area of expertise. Try to get backlinks on these websites and portals by guest authoring, doing PR and by participating in discussions.


3. Host Q&A sessions on your website

If people cannot reach and seek answers from you, they are losing trust in your brand. Find a way where they can ask questions and get answers. This not only helps you sell the product easily, but also helps in building trust for your brand on a long run.

The best way of doing this is having your own community and forum where people can help each other. In addition to this, you can also host webinars once in a while to keep your users engaged and encouraged.


4. Use videos to push your content

We all know how effective a video can be for portraying a message. Businesses are focusing on spending a lot of money in only generating video content to facilitate a better way of presenting with explainer, promotional and educational videos.

To get started, you can choose a set of problems your target audience are facing and start making videos that’ll not only give out solution but also helps in connecting with them. YouTube is the best channel for this exercise.


5. Go creative with your collaterals

Businesses are built on a brand image. If you cannot be creative with branding and marketing, you are losing business. Internet is no more a place to put up meaningless images and creatives. If it doesn’t make sense, people won’t react well.

Here is how you can build a successful brand for your business

The best way of being creative is by doing a lot of research and following others who do really well. Find brands that connect well with your brand language and start following them. For us, we always refer brands like Coca-Cola, Soul Cycle and Apple.


6. Advertise only at relevant places

If you are advertising at irrelevant places where your business will not traction, it’s time to move out of there. It was never meant to have millions of impressions and very few clicks. Getting right traction from your Ads results in better conversions.

Also, social media is not free. So make sure to invest some money out of your budget in social media advertising and stop relying on free posts for conversions. It really looks bad when we see a brand trying hard for attention.


7. Start pod casting if you have to

If you have a tool or service that people would like to hear about on a regular basis, you have to start podcasting. People like to hear and connect personally than read.

You can get started by hosting Q&A sessions about your products and services till you build a reputation amongst your prospects and then sell your products once you have credibility.


8. Rely on data

Major share of decisions needs to made based on historical and current data.

Everything you do needs to be backed up by a strong cause that can help your business in making future decisions. To understand the trends and patterns, refer the case studies and white papers from people operating in the same industry.

For a successful marketing, everything we do needs to have a purpose and that purpose should ultimately lead to your company’s short term goals and collectively lead to long term goals.

Putting everything together, all you need to do is generate quality content that’ll connect with your prospects and make sure it’s creative to be pushed at right places. Even if you have to spend a couple of dollars, go ahead and do it.

Happy campaigning at 2017, the year of qualitative marketing.