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Digital marketing Traits of Big Brands

5 Digital Marketing Traits That Big Brands Follow Religiously

Big brands always seem to have the edge over anyone or anything they do. It seems like they own some magic formula that works every time they use it. The reality is they possess few traits that set them apart. Let’s unfold the Digital marketing Traits of Big Brands one by one:


1. Staying on top of all trends/ Experimenting with persona

Big brands and their marketing heads relentlessly work on newer trends and aren’t afraid to try out new stuff. They experiment with newer technologies on websites and ads and incorporate creative and unique content to give their customers a flawless and exciting experience. Take an example of brands like Nike, which teamed with Snaps, Facebook Messenger’s chatbot technology, to promote its Jordan brand in 2018. The bot’s goal was to send articles from Jordan’s most recent blog, newsletter, and website to Nike’s Facebook fans via Messenger.

Users could engage with the Jordan bot to learn about the latest releases, and they could even set their own notification times. This tactic was a great success, with the brand reporting open rates of 87 per cent, which is huge when compared to the average open rate of 17 per cent for emails across all industries.


2. Philanthropy work

It’s not unknown that big brands do a lot of social work. It is a notable trait of theirs. Brands during lockdown extended their help to the needy as a gesture of paying back to society. Starbucks is a good example of a brand providing CSR activities. Starbucks is providing personalised, confidential mental health care to its partners through a partnership with Lyra Health. This includes 20 free in-person or video sessions per year for partners and each of their eligible family members, online scheduling with most providers available within two weeks, and access to a provider network of mental health therapists and coaches.


3. Has Strong Strategic Planning

A key trait for any big brand is its masterful marketing strategy. Brand strategy is  “A plan for the systematic development of a brand in order to meet business objectives.“—Marty Neumeier. A very good example of a strong brand strategy is Tesla. Tesla’s mission statement is more than just about automobiles; it’s about something bigger. The faster the world moves away from fossil fuels, and toward a zero-emission future, it believes, the better. This can be seen in the form of electric vehicles. However, other items such as storage and sustainable energy solutions are also available.

To summarise, your brand’s mission will motivate your staff to work diligently. It will also provide your customers with a compelling cause to engage with your brand. As a result, your brand becomes priceless and irreplaceable in people’s lives.


4. Killer Data and Analytic Skills

Marketing has shifted swiftly from intuition to data-driven decision-making. “Customer data has become a critical component in delivering a better customer experience,” said Tom Davis, Forbes Media’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Those who do not adapt will be left behind.” Big brands always prioritise data-driven digital marketing activities that are ROI-focused. 

Data analysis and measurement is the one expertise that big brands possess. It’s an area where all digital marketers should put their money. Having well-honed data analytics and data visualisation skills, on the other hand, is crucial for those brands who want to advance to the top of their competition.


5. Digital marketing Traits of Big Brands – Perfect Execution

Many times, a campaign’s premise is excellent, but the execution falls short. There are no mistakes to be found not only in design but also in boosting a post or pushing an advertisement on a social media site.

Even if the viewers are not appropriately targeted, the campaign will be a failure to execute. Every campaign produced by some of the biggest brands out there is executed flawlessly.

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