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Tips for growing business

4 Tips for your Business 2022

SEO (search engine optimisation) is essential to a business website or any online website. Tips for growing business – 

It is not easy to write down all about SEO in a single post where we have shared many quick SEO tips that will improve the search engine visibility of your business site.

So, we at Bizinventive assume you have a business website of yours, or you are starting one soon. In all the cases, try to implement all these suggested  SEO tips mentioned below to enhance your website:


1. FAQ’s schema to target questions

FAQ schema is one of the SEO tips you should take advantage of. Using FAQ, you can target long-tail keywords easily.  It helps drive more targeted traffic to your website. 

The process is simple: use any keyword research tools to find questions around your main target query. Then use the FAQ schema feature of your SEO plugin to answer those questions within the article.


2. Table of content

Table of Contents, also known as TOC, is another SEO tip that would help your articles/pages to get more CTR. Using a table of content for your long-form content helps in better navigation for your users. It helps in earning jump links in Google SERP.


3. Start tracking your keyword ranking

One of the easiest ways to level up your website SEO is by tracking your keyword ranking. This one tip would ensure you know how your SEO efforts are working. Moreover, you would know which keywords you need to pay more attention to, thus helping you stay focused.


4. Tips for growing business – Run a site SEO audit

If you feel your website SEO is not up to the mark; a site SEO audit is what you need. Tools like SEMRush offer a complete Site SEO audit, which helps find those technical SEO errors. These tools are simple to use, and it generates reports that you can use yourself or assign a teammate to fix all the existing errors. Moreover, you can run another audit to compare if your changes have improved the overall SEO score of your website or not.


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