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Best Instagram plugins for business

3 Best Instagram Plugins for your Business to Grow

The WordPress Instagram plugins easily display a real-time feed of the latest posts on WordPress. While relying on the plugin, one can also showcase the posts’ particular feed containing a dedicated hashtag. However, due to the latest changes made to Instagram’s API, you will require a Business account to access these features. Here are some best Instagram plugins for business :

To help you discover the simplest options for your needs, I’ve collected the five best Instagram plugins for WordPress users, all of which have a free version.

In general, you’ll be fine with the free version if you only want to make a feed for your own personal account, but you will have to buy a premium version if you’re going to make a custom feed from a hashtag or tagged posts using your Instagram Business account.


1. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

Formerly referred to as “Instagram Feed” before a trademark claim made them switch the name, Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed is the hottest free Instagram plugin at, where it’s active on over a million sites with a near-perfect 4.9-star rating on over 3,300 reviews.

With the free version, you’ll display an Instagram feed from your own Instagram account, while the professional version adds the power to make feeds from hashtags or posts that have tagged your account. 


2. Spotlight

The spotlight may be a newer Instagram plugin quickly growing in popularity because of its solid feature list and user-friendly interface with live preview. Its active install count isn’t relatively as high as some of its competitors. It comes from a longtime WordPress developer and possesses the same team behind the favoured WP RSS Aggregator plugin. It also features a perfect 5-star rating on over 60 reviews.

One of Spotlight’s significant features is the user-friendly interface of any plugin on this list. Once you are fixing your feed, you will  get a real-time preview of your actual feed which will change as you adjust the various settings:

With the free version, Spotlight allows you to create a feed from any Personal or Business account you simply have access to (again, you can’t create feeds from other people’s accounts due to an Instagram API change).

If you upgrade to the premium version, you’ll also create accounts from hashtags or posts that have tagged your account.

The premium version also adds more layout options, including masonry, highlight, and slider, also as more content options, including captions, likes and comments, and a popup box.

Beyond that, the premium version adds filter and moderation options so that you’ll filter specific posts (by hashtag or caption) and manually approve posts before they show up in your feed (useful for hashtag feeds you don’t have complete control over the content).

The premium version also features a unique feature that allows you to link Instagram posts to blog posts. WooCommerce products, for instance, or the other post type, or you’ll just add a CTA for those posts/products within the popup box that appears when a user clicks on a picture in your feed.


3. Best Instagram plugins for business : 10Web Social Photo Feed

10Web Social Photo Feed is another popular freemium Instagram plugin available both at and during a premium version with more features.

You can create a feed from a user account (free) or hashtag (pro) and choose between four different display layouts:

  • Thumbnail grid
  • Masonry grid
  • Blog style (list)
  • Slider

10Web Social Photo Feed features a free version at that allows you to create a feed from a private Instagram account. The professional version unlocks the additional sources and display options for just $25.

Overall, the premium version’s worth is this plugin’s most differentiating factor, as it’s about half Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed or Spotlight. In terms of features, nothing might really cause you to choose it over Smash Balloon or Spotlight.

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