We will help you automate your
marketing to interact with customers. save time. nurture prospects.
Planned marketing drip campaigns that’ll save 70% of your time and 100% of your effort in repetitive marketing processes.

Automation That'll Optimize

Although putting resource in marketing is always an added advantage, there are several tasks that can be automated. Marketing Automation is playing an important role in cutting resources, time and efforts put in repetitive marketing tasks. If you haven’t thought of automating your repetitive tasks, you would be three steps behind in the race.

BizInventive strategizes, plans, designs, develops and implements marketing automation drips that can help you in achieving the marketing tasks that needs to be done manually. Our drips are designed to communicate, nurture and retain your customers.

We take care of everything – Design, Plan, Collaterals, Setup and Handling. You can sit back and watch as your business grows without wasting a single minute of your team’s work.

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Why BizInventive For Marketing Automation?

We can help you design artistically your drip campaigns that’ll handle all your email marketing automatically.

We don’t make robots that do your work, instead we believe in solving problems through smart algorithms that makes your life easier.

  • 70 plus drips designed and setup till date
  • 10 businesses trust our marketing automation process
  • Acquired 10% increase in overall productivity
  • Saved 90% time in repetitive processes for our clients
We can help you automate marketing. Let’s build algorithms together!