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Putting digital marketing
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Helping businesses automate a wide variety of tasks, including email marketing, social media campaigns, lead generation and nurturing, and much more.

BizInventive enables integrated marketing on-the-go

Businesses can work more efficiently and effectively
by automating mundane tasks

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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the process of using technology to automate marketing tasks. This can include anything from email marketing to social media outreach to targeted ads. The goal of marketing automation is to make marketing more efficient and effective.

At BizInventive, we specialize in designing and implementing marketing automation drip campaigns that streamline lead generation and lead nurturing, optimize crosssell and upsell, and increase customer retention. Our automation tools also help you measure all the marketing data to further optimize your business marketing ROI and increase revenue.

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What we offer?

CRM Setup

Streamlining customer interactions to improve business relations by setting up an adequate CRM system.

Email Automation

Automating your entire sales pipeline through email automation to send tailored messages to your customers.

Drip Campaigns

Strategizing a set of emails and messages to nurture leads and re-engage customers overtime.

Dashboard & Analytics

Monitoring your marketing data regularly to optimize marketing ROI that impacts your business revenue.

Workflow Automation

Optimizing your marketing workflow through automation tools to achieve cost reduction and greater efficiency.

Omnichannel Setup

Connecting your brand’s social media platforms to increase customer interactions and cross-channel sales.

Success Stories

Forging An IT Staffing & Solutions Company Across 3 Geographies While Empowering Them With 70,000 Engagements

case study on it sector

Augmenting A Modern, Responsive & Future-Ready 300-Page Website For A Global IT Services Company

Enabling 40x More Conversions For A Top Study Abroad Consultant Based Out Of Bengaluru

82.5% increase in conversions for a branded car service platform with focused digital marketing coverage

Over 100+ brands of all sizes trust BizInventive
with their business needs

Frequently Asked

Making Marketing Automation accessible, effective and profitable for businesses

Automating mundane & repetitive tasks of digital marketing like responding to queries, sending followups, interacting with customers, etc. is called marketing automation.

Marketing automation can help your business function independently using a software by reducing efforts of the marketing team and cutting costs involved.

No. Marketing automation can only help in handling some of monotonous marketing tasks like email responses, social media posting, customer followups, etc.

Mailchimp, Mautic, Hubspot, Freshsales, and Autopilot are some of the preferred tools used by Bizinventive for marketing automation. However, we can work with other tools if needed.

Bizinventive will take care of architecture & flow for automation. A marketing strategist will be assigned for the project who will assist clients in aligning their goals.

No. Bizinventive might not be able to help in automating business processes. We deal with the automation of marketing & sales activities.

Yes. Automation can help you in increasing customer engagement and sales by many folds as compared to traditional marketing techniques.

There is no fixed price for automation setup as every business has different ask and demands different goals. Speak with our expert to understand more.

The communication types vary from project to project based on the requirements. We can help with emails, SMS, Whatsapp, FB Messenger, website chatbots, ticketing and so on.

We can measure the success of automation by monitoring behavioural triggers, site traffic, response metrics, open & click-through rates, conversions and revenue generated.

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