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Drip campaign setup to
increase engagement

Plan, strategise, setup and manage drip campaigns and smart workflows for increasing user engagement in apps catering to any industry and audience.

Drip Campaign Setup For Apps

Businesses today face a huge challenge in engaging users in realtime and consistently. While businesses understand the importance of getting users to sign up, they tend to miss out on engaging them after they are onboarded because of the extensive resource time needed to handle it, and the pool of money that needs to be spent on it. That‘s where drip campaigns come in. Drip campaigns allow you to automatically send a series of emails, messages, notifications, and other interactive content to your subscribers over a period of time. This allows you to build a relationship with your subscribers and keep them engaged with your brand.

BizInventive can help you enable this by strategically setting up drip campaigns thereby defining customer journey throughout their lifecycle based on their interaction within the application. We can define the customer engagement based on actions they take within the app to bring them back on the app, show them new features, engage them on social media, etc. 

This will help you increase customer retention and enable you to have a better understanding of your customer base.

The Need

Application users are dynamic and need to be continuously engaged across different channels to retain them. Businesses use drip campaigns to engage their users, which has become a norm and necessity to sustain the competition.

What we offer?

Customer Journey

Define customer journey and milestones based on different actions they take in the application.

Seamless Communication

Stay in touch with users with updates, news and notifications across different phases of their journey.

User Scoring

Score users based on their engagement and usage data to get deeper insights about customers.

Incentivize & Attract

Provide incentives and rewards to the users based on the milestones they complete in their journey.

Behavioural Analytics

Get detailed, behavioural analytics to understand how users interact with your app in real-time.

Follow Everywhere

Engage users across channels like social media, communities, forums, etc. to develop deeper relationships.

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