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Careers site solution
using WordPress

End-to-end careers site design, development & deployment for any sized business and industry using WordPress CMS.

Careers Site For Businesses

Careers website is becoming increasingly important in your talent attraction activities. It‘s not just an online notice board; it‘s a significant factor in how a prospective candidate perceives you as an employer. It‘s not just a piece of technology; it‘s a crucial part of your talent attraction strategy. You need to devote time, energy, and effort to make sure it‘s working.

BizInventive can help you develop a careers portal on WordPress CMS to fit all of your recruitment needs. From listing open positions on the website, to making them discoverable for desirable candidates, and facilitating online applications and interviews, to managing applications, listings, and details in an easy and intuitive way. Everything can be facilitated in a existing WordPress website or a new installation.

With this implementation, your HR teams can independently manage every aspect and part of the careers site without intervention from any other resource.

The Need

Many business even after realising the importance of having their own careers site today are not able to eliminate their dependence on third party softwares and platforms for listing their jobs and managing candidate applications. Having a careers site of their own, businesses can completely eliminate the dependence and open opportunities like customization, having own branding, define their own workflow, handle privacy as per company norms and even get advanced analytics.

What we offer?

Unified Dashboard

Manage everything – from listing to management and analytics under a single, unified dashboard.

Custom Job Listing

Create categories, filters and list jobs as per your need. Completely personalised to fit your needs.

Custom Filters & Categories

Create advanced categories & filters for managing locations, job type, department, etc.

Easy Application Management

Manage applications and candidate database easily. Shortlist, Reject, Schedule Interviews, make notes & more.

HR Management Panel

Enable your HR teams with an easy-to-use dashboard from where they can manage everything as needed.

Analytics & Insights

Get detailed insights on applications received, traffic, site engagement, effectiveness and more in the same dashboard.

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