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Automation workflow for
boosting lead generation

Automate your prospect workflow and engage them better with smart communication to convert more leads from your outlets.

Automation For Lead Generation

Marketing automation is a key tool for businesses today. By automating marketing tasks, businesses can improve their efficiency and performance, giving them a competitive edge. Automation can help businesses to better communicate with customers and prospects, engage with them more quickly, and make better decisions.

BizInventive can help you plan, design, strategize, setup, implement and manage automated marketing workflows that can bring in better results from your existing marketing efforts. This is accomplished using automation tools like Hubspot, Mailchimp, Autopilot, Mautic and Salesforce (Pardot).

With automated marketing workflows, businesses can define and track their customers journey from the beginning to the end, seamlessly and effortlessly. This allows businesses to effectively target and convert prospects into customers.

The Need

Businesses today are finding it difficult to attract and engage users online, let alone convert them into customers. Marketing automation provides a platform for businesses to communicate more effectively, create better conversion paths, and personalize content to cater to users needs.

What we offer?

Competitor Analysis

Do extensive competitor analysis and watch them closely to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Evaluate Current Efforts

Understand ongoing efforts and outcome to understand pain points and opportunities for optimizing campaigns.

Define Prospect Journey

Design & define prospect journey to engage them better and improve chances of conversion.

Platform Setup

Setup automation software and all the assets needed – templates, landing pages, forms, etc. needed for the project.

Setup Campaigns

Setup and do test runs of all the campaigns as planned and strategized in the automation platform.

Ongoing Management

Manage the campaigns continuously and measure effectiveness to report analytics to the client in real-time.

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