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Social listening for brands to
understand users better

Automate your brand’s social media listening to enable your teams to hear what customers have to say better, across all channels.

Automated Social Listening For Brands

Social media listening is the process of tracking and monitoring online conversations in order to gain insights about a brand, product, or service. It can be used to track sentiment, measure brand awareness, and even track down potential leads. Social media listening can be a valuable way to stay on top of what people are saying about your brand, and to get insights into what people are thinking about your industry. It can also be used to track down potential leads and customers.

BizInventive can help you automate the whole social media listening under a single dashboard allowing brands to focus on taking actions instead of going through thousands of comments and feedbacks. This implementation will help brands in understanding the sentiment, feedback and opportunities to better engage with customers.

With this implementation, your marketing teams will have better view on the customers, their sentiment and get insights on all the activities happening across different social platforms.

The Need

In the recent years, social media has become a powerful platform for not just people to interact with each other, but also for people to interact with brands. Today customers go directly on social media to put out their thoughts, feedback and views about businesses, brands & products that is publicly accessible and viewed by everyone. So it is important for any business to know what customers, people and any stakeholders are talking about them – not only to understand the sentiment but also to take actions if needed.

What we offer?

Platform Analysis

Understand schematics of all the relevant social media platforms for the brand and analyze them for customer engagement.

Platform Setup

Setup social media listening platform to fit the business needs like brand name mentions, hashtags, type of customers, etc.

Build Dashboards

Design & build dashboards in the platform for different use cases across different channels to view insights.

Enable Insights

Build out insights dashboards for the brand to understand mentions, customer profile, interests and even counts of all the units.

Control Panel

Provide a control interface for marketing teams to customize, add, edit and make changes to the setup as needed.

Usage Analytics

Get detailed insights on the performance, user behaviour, customer sentiment and more on the same dashboard.

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